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Start by using the ESG audit

The ESG audit provides auditors with a comprehensive platform for the efficient and accurate auditing of sustainability reports.

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Your advantages

Current ESRS checklist

The ESRS checklist is based on EFRAG data points and is updated on an ongoing basis.

AI support

The AI generates suggested answers to the questions on the checklist to make your exam even more efficient.

Guided workfow

The Notes Auditor guides you step by step through the audit. It helps you to ensure that the audit is consistent and complete.


  • The scoping for the audit is carried out based on the materiality analysis
  • Complexity and scope of the audit are reduced


  • Automatic documentation of audit activities
  • Simplified review through better traceability of the reviewed content

AI proposals

  • Intelligent answer suggestions through advanced AI
  • Acceleration of the testing process


You save time and money

  • Efficient Verification: Streamline the verification of sustainability reports
  • Audit-proof: Ensure compliance with references to original documents
  • Enhanced Quality: Benefit from the combination of human expertise and artificial intelligence
  • Complete Control: Maintain full oversight of the audit process

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