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We develop AI-based solutions for analysing financial reports and help our customers to free themselves from manual, time-consuming processes.
As an international and diverse team, we work from Berlin towards one common goal:

Providing everyone with fair and transparent access to data!


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This is DNL

Deep Neuron Lab was founded in 2019 as a spin-off of the Technische Universität Berlin with the goal of bringing machine learning from research to practice. We initially developed individual solutions for customers from the financial industry and launched our first own product, the Balance Reader 2020. In developing our solutions, we take the approach of keeping every step transparent. Everything that AI does should be understandable and comprehensible for humans. In this way, we create trust with AI as a transparent component. This human-in-the-loop approach is an important principle of our work and helps us in our mission to free people from repetitive work with machine-learning.

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This is us

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Our principles


Information & decisions are handled transparently and are available to everyone within DNL.

Tough Love

We are not afraid of constructive feedback because we are responsible for each other and strive to grow, learn and improve.

Being coachable

We receive and accept feedback because we want to grow, learn and improve.

Share mistakes

Learning from mistakes makes us better, so there is no reason to hide them.
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Max Mustermann

"The financial industry is currently experiencing an epochal change. Digital applications are essential for the competitiveness of companies in the coming years. DNL, as a leading specialist, helps its customers to be ahead."

Stephan Manz

Managing Partner Storz, Manz & Partner Gmbh
former Managing Director Deutsche Bank

"DNL provides the solutions that companies in the financial sector use to concentrate on what is important, their customers. Especially in the back office, waiting times arise for which customers have little understanding. DNL helps to increase the turnover rate, improve quality and solves the problem elegantly with artificial intelligence."

Christian Weller von Ahlefeld

Advisory Board Member and Investor
former CFO/Human Resources Director GfK SE

"After intensive analysis of the market, we have not found a solution where the degree of automation is as high as with Deep Neuron Lab."

Dominik Hesse

Cannonball Capital
Founder & Managing Partner

"I am particularly pleased about the use of AI in auditing. DNL is making a big contribution to the digitalisation of the industry with its product."

Prof. Dr Rolf Nonnenmacher

Supervisory Board Continental and ProSiebenSat.1 Media
former Spokesman of the Executive Board KPMG EMEA
Chairman Government Commission German Corporate Governance Code

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